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Diatomaceous earth (DE) is made of the fossilized shells of diatoms. It is like an ancient kind of algae. These microscopic shells, mostly consist of the mineral silica which accumulated in freshwater lake and then formed the huge silica deposits. Once mined and ground into powder, the we are able to call it as diatomaceous earth. Actually, diatomaceous earth is also known as diatomite, kieselgur or kieselguhr. Based on the research, Diatomaceous earth has a particle size from three micrometers up to more than one millimeter. But, usually the most of Diatomaceous earth is has a particle size from 10 micrometers up to 200 micrometers. This Diatomaceous earth powder is very hard, absorbent and coarse that makes it useful for many things.

There are kinds of Diatomaceous earth (DE), it is known as grades. Those grades are food grade, pest control grade and pool grade. Diatomaceous earth food grade is the purest Diatomaceous earth. It is tend organic and safe to use and consumed by human and pets. This kind of Diatomaceous earth (DE) meet the requirements of the Food Chemicals Codex, so it is able to call as food grade. There are a lot of people consume Diatomaceous earth food grade because it has many benefits for healthy. You have to know that this food grade Diatomaceous earth contain of the high silica content and trace minerals, so the people often take food grade Diatomaceous earth (DE) as a health supplement. For some people, they are also take food grade Diatomaceous earth (DE) as one of the ways to detox. The texture of Diatomaceous earth (DE) which is coarse microscopically is able to absorbs toxins from your body. Food grade Diatomaceous earth (DE) is also offers similar benefits for pets. If you give it for your pets, cats or dogs regularly, so your pets are going to get benefits from Food grade Diatomaceous earth (DE). Based on the research, the Food grade Diatomaceous earth (DE) which give for the pets is able to improve metabolism, appetite and digestion.

Where can I buy food grade diatomaceous earth? If you want to buy Food grade Diatomaceous earth (DE), you are able to buy it in many stores or marketplaces. Even, simply you are able to buy Food grade Diatomaceous earth (DE) in the official website of Diatomaceous earth. There are many kinds of Diatomaceous earth (DE) which you can buy. As the largest online seller of diatomaceous earth, it offer Diatomaceous earth (DE) in a wide variety of package sizes. It is from 1 to 50 lbs. In the official website of Diatomaceous earth, you are able to buy Diatomaceous earth food grade 10 lb with the currently price $19.99. You have to sure that this Diatomaceous earth food grade is 100% food grade diatomaceous earth with no additives. The packaged of Diatomaceous earth food grade with stainless steel equipment, it is able to prevent any contaminants from entering Diatomaceous earth food grade during the manufacturing process.

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