Where to Buy Diatomaceous Earth

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“Where can I buy diatomaceous earth” is such a very common question asked by everyone. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to answer the question. As you probably know, diatomaceous earth or DE in short is manufactured by a lot of different companies. Usually, this thing is sold in feed stores, hardware stores, health food stores, and online. The fact that there are a lot of options to choose from, it can be hard for you to know which brand of DE is right for your needs.

So, where to buy food grade diatomaceous earth? A lot of improvements stores and online retailers such as Amazon sell this thing in bags by the pound. Actually, it depends on the purpose you are buying it for. You might want to buy it in bulk for the best value. The great thing about DE that you have to know that it does no have the expire. It means that you can store it up for the long time without losing its effectiveness. To maintain its quality, all you have to do is to keep it in the dry place.

There are some important things that you have to know before buying diatomaceous earth. Several retailers will sell it in specialized packaging for the certain purpose, including for pets. It is usually in shakers or labeled. Remember that you have to opt for DE that is clearly labeled 100% pure food grade to make sure the quality. Just avoid the marketed for pool filters, unless you are buying it for that special purpose. Also, please avoid derived from the salt water as this kind of thing is not for the consumption of human and are consisted of crystalline silica through the processing that could be toxic.

What about diatomaceous earth for fleas? Is it can be bought on Amazon? The answer to the question is yes. You can purchase DE for fleas online at Amazon. Aside from that, you can also buy one at Home Depot. Purchasing one from either Home Depot or Amazon is the favorite thing to obtain DE as it is affordable and safe from scams or dodgy products. Before purchasing one, please make sure to check the concentration first. For your information, it should be as pure as possible. it is preferably around 99% to make sure that it is safe for pets and for the entire family.

Amazon and Home Depot are not the only ones to buy diatomaceous earth. You can also get one from Walmart or Lowes. Both of them are such great options, especially when there is one near your area. As stated before, all of them need to be reviewed. Please do not purchase any products of DE that are marked for “pest control”. For those who are wondering, DE for es control is usually is not safe for the animals as it contains the other toxic elements including flea insecticide.

That’s is the article about where to buy diatomaceous earth food grade. So, which place you prefer to buy one? When are you going to get one?

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