Nautilus Diatomaceous Earth Filter

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DE is the shortness of diatomaceous earth. This powder is known as the sedimentary rock that composed of the fossilized algae like organisms named diatoms. It has a lot of benefits. One of them is to filter the pool. There are several types of filters used for pools, including diatomaceous earth for pool filter. DE is considered as the best filter for pools by many pool owners and pool maintenance workers. Why do DE usually used for pool filters?

When you look diatomaceous earth using a microscope, you will see the small organisms that look like sponge. It explains why DE has the ability to filter the impurities of the water. In fact, this powder is so fine. This is such an advantage to filter the extremely small particles from the water as it passes through.

Nautilus Diatomaceous Earth Filter
What is the recommended brand of diatomaceous earth filters for pools? Pentair Nautilus Plus D. E. Filter can be the best option. This brand is the stainless steel classic for the unmatched water clarity. How does this filter work? The first thing is when DE is introduces into the filter system, it coats the filter cloth. When the water passes through the filter grids, DE will capture every particle, including the smallest suspend dirt ones. When it is the time for cleaning, the water flow is reveled.

There are some features of Pentair Nautilus Plus D. E. Filter. The first one is backwashes. It is from the top bottom. This one is utilizing gravity for complete cleaning of accumulated dirt and the powder of DE. The second one is the exclusive grid assembly. This one is with molded-in handles. It lifts out easily for inspection and periodic cleaning. The third one is a conveniently located 2″ drain. This one is to make the cleanout easy and efficient. The fourth one is the stainless steel tank. This one is near an exclusive clamping design. It is proven to be safe, strong, and reliable.

What is the dosage of DE for pools? According to some pool professionals, it is better to use ½ cup less than the instructions of the brands. So, please check out the instructions of Pentair Nautilus Plus D. E. Filter if you decide to use one. You have to take a not to not to use too much DE as it can end up clogging the skimmer and creating the additional problems.

After reading some information above, do you want to use diatomaceous earth to filter your pool? Try it now so you can prove its ability. Aside from filtering the pools, DE has the other advantages. One of the most popular is diatomaceous earth detox and DE to kill the insects.

Then, where can you get diatomaceous earth filter pool and the other kinds of DE? Apparently, it can be purchased at hardware stores, pool supply stores and grain and feed supply stores, including Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, and Lowes. Go get one and filter your pool now.

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