How to Take Diatomaceous Earth

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Parasite can live in the human body for a very long time without being detected. They are feeding off the energy of their host. Unfortunately, some people do not even display the symptoms. However, they can still very easily spread those things from person to person or animal to person. The spread can be via various ways including touch or contaminated food, water, or linens.

The common parasites found usually are tape worms, hook worms, pin worms, thread worms, round worms, and heart worms. To know if someone is affected by parasites, here are some symptoms of parasites. A patient tends to have repeated diarrhea or constipation, chronic, unexplained nausea. It is often accompanied by vomiting. The other ones are fatigue and weakness, intestinal cramping, unexplained dizziness, bloating, difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite, multiple food allergies, itching around anus (especially at night), and so on.

How to Take Diatomaceous Earth

When you have at least one of those symptoms of parasite mentioned above, please see a doctor and consult your problem. For the first action, you can also take diatomaceous earth for your body. Then, how to take diatomaceous earth for parasites?

For the beginner, please start it with 1 teaspoon and work up to 1 until 2 teaspoon of food grade DE in 4 oz of water or any other drinks. Apparently, you can add it to the tasty drink such as coffee, milk, juice, or smoothies, if you feel like you want to. As a note, you have to drink on an empty stomach, and make sure to take some water all day long in order to avoid constipation.

It takes some time for diatomaceous earth or DE to kill parasites. In fact, you might experience a Herxheimer reaction with something like flu for a couple of days as parasites die off and release their toxins. You do not have to worry when something like this happens because it is such a good sign that DE is working. In this case, please continue taking it.

For your information, the dead organisms have to be kicked out of the body. In this situation, it is better for you to drink plenty of water and sweat through exercise, hot baths, or saunas. You can support your body during this stage with a lot of things such as adequate rest, limited exposure to toxins, and a nutritious diet low.

That is how to take diatomaceous earth food grade. Please keep using food grade DE for about 2 weeks. At this point, you might take a week off and start the cycle again after that. A lot of parasites will be eradicated after a month of doing the instructions.

In addition, food grade diatomaceous earth is harmless for pets to consume as well. This thing is important as parasitic infections can be passed from animals to humans. Please seek a help form the expert to know more about DE for your pets as the dosage might be different with the one for humans.

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