How Long Does It Take Diatomaceous Earth to Kill Fleas

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Fleas are the small flightless insect. They are the blood sucking parasites of birds and mammals that usually live on our pets, home or outside. Flea bites are very itchy and they are going to make problem to you, so if you see the fleas in your home or around your home, you have to remove them as soon as. You do not be worry because there are a lot of ways to get rid of the fleas, one of them by using diatomaceous earth (DE). What is diatomaceous earth (DE)? It is naturally sedimentary rock which soft and siliceous and can crumble into a fine white to off white powder easily. According to the research, Diatomaceous earth has a particle size from less than three micrometers up to more than one millimeter. The compositions of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) are a distinctive mixture of 33% silica, 5% sodium, 19% calcium, 2% iron and 3% magnesium. Besides that, it is include 15 other minerals like manganese, titanium, copper, boron and zirconium. You have to know that the fleas are very hate diatomaceous earth (DE). So, it is the great way to use Diatomaceous Earth (DE) for removing the fleas.

By the way, how long does it take diatomaceous earth to work? According to the research, when the fleas come into contact with the powder ofDiatomaceous Earth (DE), usually they are going to die about 4 hours later. However, we recommend you to leave it for 12 hours before vacuuming up all the powder and any dead fleas to make sure that they had been die. Diatomaceous earth is a the powder that works to kill the fleas. There are no poisons, even diatomaceous earth (DE) kills the fleas by absorbing vital fluids from the fleas and puncturing their exoskeleton. If you are going to use Diatomaceous earth, simply you just need to sprinkling it over furniture, bedding or linens where the fleas hide and nest. After a few days, you are able to vacuum or wash those same areas. Diatomaceous earth kills the fleas mechanically not chemically because there is no poison involved. This makes diatomaceous earth (DE) safe for use around you, your kids, and your family.

Diatomaceous Earth to Kill Fleas
In addition, we want to share how to apply diatomaceous earth fleas for your home. Let us see these steps below.

  1. Firstly, you have to clean your home before you apply diatomaceous earth (DE). Usually, the fleas can hide out in fabric, rugs, and furniture for long periods of time. Vacuuming regularly is important to do.
  2. The second step, you are able to apply diatomaceous earth (DE) by using one of these methods: spray bottle, Wilcox applicator or squeeze duster.
  3. After that you have to apply diatomaceous earth (DE) to your carpet, furniture, linen closet, drapes, and then vacuum your carpet and furniture. This step is going to collect any deceased fleas and their eggs, larvae, and pupae.
  4. The last, you can reapply diatomaceous earth (DE) and repeat the process until all the fleas die.

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