Garden Safe Diatomaceous Earth

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Every farmer must have experienced the ups and downs.It is the best time when harvesting as you can gain what you have been put your effort to. However, it is different story when the insects invaded the garden. It will be frustrating as those annoying insects can damage everything you have taken care of. To overcome it, a farmer will do everything. There are a lot of ways to solve this kind of problem. However, not all of them are safe. Sadly, most of the methods are using the chemicals. Calm down, you do not have to worry anymore. The good news is that there is a thing called diatomaceous earth that can be the alternative.

For those who are not familiar with diatomaceous earth or DE, it is the white powder made from the fossilized remains of the algae like plants known as diatoms. This powder has a lot of benefits, including for pest control. You have to remember that diatomaceous earth gardenis the food grade one. Apparently, there are some kinds of DE. Please use the food grade DE as it is natural and harmless for humans and pets.

Garden Safe Diatomaceous Earth
DE is the effective one to get rid of insects such as bed bugs, fleas, and roaches. It works by making the insects dehydrate and dries them out. Is this powder really safe? Can it used for the organic gardening? The answer is yes. It is safe and can be used for the organic gardening. The one for the organic gardening is more known as diatomaceous earth organic gardening. However, you still have to take some notes for your safety. As stated before, please use the food grade one. Please avoid breathing this powder as it can damage your lungs. It is better for you to wear a mask when you apply it. It is also recommended to use the gloves. In fact, it will feel funky when DE is drying.

Does it work for ants? Yes, it is also effective for getting rid of ants. The diatomaceous earth antsis also the food grade one. For you who have a problem with ants, you can apply DE in the place invaded by them.

Before using diatomaceous earth in vegetable garden, there is another thing you have to consider. As you know, DE is effective for insects. Unfortunately, it is including bees. Unlike the other insects, bees are beneficial for the vegetables and the other plants. Once you sprinkle DE all over the garden, the existence of the bees will be threatened. If you still prefer to take DE, here are some tips for you. first, apply DE only to the plants that are seriously effected by insects. Second, apply it in the morning or late evening. It is the time when bees are less likely to be out. Third, apply DE close to the ground. Fourth, do not ever apply it to the plants full of the flowers. Fifth, please apply it on the non-windy days in order to avoid it being spread over the entire place.

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