Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Fleas?

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There are many people use Diatomaceous earth. Do you know what Diatomaceous earth is? For the most people, they are said that Diatomaceous earth as diatomite. Then, there are many people also are well known it as kieselgur or kieselguhr. Diatomaceous earth is naturally sedimentary rock which soft and siliceous which is able to crumble into a fine white to off white powder simply and easily. According to the research, Diatomaceous earth has a particle size from less than three micrometers up to more than one millimeter. But, in fact, the most of Diatomaceous earth is has a particle size 10 up to 200 micrometers. What are the compositions of Diatomaceous Earth? It contains of 5% sodium, 19% calcium, a distinctive mixture of 33% silica, 2% iron and 3% magnesium. Besides that, it is include 15 other minerals like manganese, titanium, copper, boron and zirconium.

By the way, does Diatomaceous Earth kill fleas? Based on the research, Diatomaceous Earth is able to kill the fleas. We get this research from some people who use Diatomaceous Earth to remove the fleas in around their home. They said that Diatomaceous Earth is able to kill the fleas at least two weeks after you spread Diatomaceous Earth. Therefore, they do not worry again about the fleas in their home because Diatomaceous Earth is able to remove the fleas. In other case, we get an email from our reader that diatomaceous earth not killing fleas. He tells that after he spread Diatomaceous Earth in his home, the fleas are still alive. He is become confuse why Diatomaceous Earth cannot kill the fleas which are in his home. In this case, maybe we think that if you want to kill the fleas by using Diatomaceous Earth, you have to do it continuously and correctly so that the fleas are able to die.

In addition, there is some information that diatomaceous earth for bed bugs often used by many people. Maybe, you know that removing the bed bugs is a little difficult. The bed bugs which are nest in your home are going to remove because many reasons. By the way, do you ever see the bed bugs in your home? If you ever see the bed bugs, we suggest you to remove them soon. One of the ways to remove the bed bugs is by using Diatomaceous Earth. To do it, firstly you have to buy Diatomaceous Earth. You are able to buy Diatomaceous Earth in many stores or marketplaces. How about the price of Diatomaceous Earth? The price of Diatomaceous Earth is about $9.47. After you buy it, then you are able to start to remove the bed bugs which are in your home. Here, you just need to spread Diatomaceous Earth in the places where the bed bugs hide. Then, you are going to see in some weeks that the bed bugs in your home were died. By the way, will diatomaceous earth kill fleas or not, based on the research we can conclude that it is able to kill the fleas.

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