Diatomaceous Earth Worms

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Have you ever heard about diatomaceous earth? As stated by diatomaceous earth wiki, this thing can be defined as a naturally occurring, soft, siliceous sedimentary rock. It is easily crumbled into the fine white to off white powder. Diatomaceous earth or DE is also known as diatomaceous silica. The other names are silicon dioxide, diatomite, diatoms, and so on. DE is usually used in the wide kind or applications from insecticides to animal food and food preservation.

The chemical formulas of diatomaceous earth is SiO2*nH2O. DE food grade contains silica of about 84%-89%. As addition, the other remaining percentages include sodium, iron, and the other trace minerals are titanium, boron, manganese, copper, zirconium, and so on.

Talking about diatomaceous earth, there is a term related to DE called worms. How does worm related to DE? Have you or your family members ever experienced pinworm? If you or your family member had been having trouble sleeping and your stomach seemed to cramp at night, and everything seems worse than it, you have to check the possibility of having pinworms. The pinworm which is also known as the threadworm or seatworm are counted as the most common type of worm found in the United States. There are small, really small. They are about as long as the staple.

How do you get pinworms? The bad news is that pinworms are spread from person to person. Every pinworm’s egg is able to live about 2 weeks. The situation starts when someone scrathes their bottom and does not wash their hands, then, they touch the object and leave the eggs there. The worst thing is that there is a possibility of another person touching the object. This situation can put the eggs on their hand. The next thing is probably they touch their mouth and ingest the eggs. That’s how someone infected with pinworms. You have to remember that people who get pinworms are not dirty people, so it is okay to consult about it with the expert.

How do you know you get pinworms? What are the symptoms of it? the symptoms are itching around the anus, disturbed sleep, irritability, restlessness, appetite lost, difficulty sleeping, and many more. Some people also crave sugar when they have pinworms. However, there are some people who never experience any symptoms.

To get rid of pinworms, you can use diatomaceous earth. It is called diatomaceous earth for pinworms. You can seek the information about DE at Earth Works Health and Global Healing Center. Where can you get DE? Several stores sell this kind of thing, including the online one like Amazon. Go purchase one now. After you got one, you can treat yourself or your family with DE. You can add it to smoothies, applesauce, and even water. Please make sure to stir it up so it does not dissolve. Beware to not to inhale DE as it can damage your lungs.

Those are some information related to diatomaceous earth for worms. Please consult with the expert if you find any difficulties. Hope you get better soon.

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