Diatomaceous Earth Suppliers

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Diatomaceous earth is one of the popular powders in this world. It has become a part of everyone’s daily life. This powder is not the usual powder to make food. This one is known as the powder to maintain your healthy life and to get rid of insects. Then, where to get it?

Apparently, a lot of stores sell diatomaceous earth, including the popular stores like Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, and Lowes. Does it available in UK? For those who live in United Kingdom, you do not have to worry to look for diatomaceous earth UK suppliers because there are a lot of them. Here are some of the suppliers you can consider. The first one is Diatom Retail. Diatom Retail is one of the biggest distributors of DE in UK and Europes. This one is capable of handling up to two mega tones each order. With its more than 25 years of experiences, this company is trusted as it keeps its commitment to use its experience to source and develop products that can satisfy every customer. The products offered by this company are DiatomPure Human, DiatomePure Animal, and DiatomPest. Three of them can be used for pest control and poultry red mite. The second and the third one can be used as poultry or animal feed. Only the third one can be used as the human consumption and human deworming, the other two cannot.

Diatomaceous Earth Suppliers
The second one is Health Leads. This supplier is based in Wales. This one is leading when it comes to vitamins, minerals, herbal, and nutritional supplements. The products produced by the company are high quality and all of them are produced without harmful additives. It is the best option for you who look for the supplements, personal care, healthcare devices, detox and weight loss. All products of this supplier are low cost so you do not have to worry about your wallet. For example, Diatomaceous Earth Powder 500g costs only £11.70 and Diatomaceous Earth 450g x 100 capsules costs £9.98.

The third one is Mistral Industrial Chemicals. For 100 gr Diatomaceous /earth Powder – Diatomite – Damolex N, you only have to pay £6.99. For Diatomaceous Earth Granular – Diatomite Granules – Damolex C (1-3mm), it costs £10.49. As for Boric Acid – Insecticide – Woodworm – Wet & Dry Rot, the cost is £6.99. Then, how to buy it? The first thing you have to do is to visit the official website of Mistral Industrial Chemicals. In its homepage, look for the search bar and type “diatomaceous earth”. Once you clicked the “Enter” button, you will get the results. The next thing you have to do is to click the product you want to buy. The link will direct you to the information about the product. If you do not want to read the information and is sure to buy the product, you can click “Select Options. It is the one with the chart icon. If you need one product but will buy it later, please click the “Add to wishlist” instead.

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