Diatomaceous Earth Spiders Mite Control

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Do you have a problem with spider mites and want to get rid of them? Please read this article below as you will be informed on how to eliminate spider mites from home.

Spider mites are pests that feed on all kinds of plants such as vegetables, fruit trees, indoor, and outdoor ornamental plants. Unfortunately, they produce so quickly and can be the big problem in destroying plants rapidly. Although, the can be considered as insects. Spider mites are tiny, so you will need a handheld microscope, eye loupe, or hand lens to identify them. It is when the populations are low.

Before looking for the method to control spider mites, it is important for you to understand the full life cycle of them. Go hit the book in the library or doing the easy thing by looking around the internet to learn more about it.

You can find a lot of ways to control spider mites. All of them are different. There are a natural one and non-natural one. When the natural one cannot help you, then it is your time to take action and treat for spider mites. It is better for you to use the non-toxic one, multi-mode action, and organic pesticides one. One of the safe options is diatomaceous earth or DE in short. This natural pest control has become everyone’s favorite as it is so unique and diverse.

Diatomaceous Earth Spiders Mite Control

For those who are new to diatomaceous earth, this looks like typical powder. Apparently, this one is made of the fossilized diatoms. So, does diatomaceous earth kill spiders? The answer to the question is yes. DE can kill spiders. It can kill them through the contact desiccation mode of action. The absorptive characteristic of DE can remove the outer wavy layer of the cuticle easily. It will cause the loss of the ability of the mite to defend the right fluid levels which is the main cause the death.

Diatomaceous earth is not the bullet. It is a good one that can help you to prevent the spider mites from establishing colonies in the first place. You can use it with garden sprayer or dry using the duster. The dosage is about ½ to 1 cup per gallon water. This powder is counted as one of the most persistent ones providing the residual plant protection up to 14 days as long as it does not rain or get wet.

Please use mantis DE as diatomaceous earth to kill spiders. This one is the purest, cleanest, most absorptive, insecticidal, and whitest one. Not every DE has the same structure. Therefore, it is important to use the DE with the high surface area and porosity for the good insecticidal activity.

For you who will use diatomaceous earth as parasite cleanse, you have to make sure that you will use DE that meets the Food Codex Standard. This kind of DE contains less than 0.1% crystalline silica content. Another important thing is to not use the pool grade one. This one is dangerous to breath in as it can damage your lungs.

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