Diatomaceous Earth Side Effects

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Diatomaceous earth is known as the type of the natural sediment. This one is which chalky in appearance. For your information, it is made up of silica based cell walls of dead diatoms. Due to its origin, it is also known by the name of diatomite as well. Diatoms are counted as single celled algae that are microscopic and found in marshes, oceans, ponds, and lakes all over the world. those cells own silica skeletons. They display some intricate structures and have the diameter of about 10 to 200 microns.

You probably know that diatomaceous earth is a useful organic product. However, diatomaceous earth benefits are not based on scientific studies. Those are rather founded on the personal opinions ad experiences of the people who have used it.

Apparently, diatomaceous earth is available in food grade form. It has been approved for use in the manufacturing along with the process of many household food items. There are a lot of people who want to know about diatomaceous earth food grade side effects. In this page, you are going to be informed about it.

Diatomaceous earth is considered as the filter aid in the manufacturing of other products by the FDA. Ir is harmless in that regard. Unfortunately, it has not been approved for human consumption by the FDA. A lot of testimonials of the products suggest that there is no major health issue related to it and there are not any known diatomaceous earth food grade side effects to report. Until the day, there is no report of toxic effect after ingestion of the product from the International Programme on Chemical Safety.

You have to know that overconsumption of anything is not good and this is true for diatomaceuous earth as well. In this case, it is better for you to keep its consumption down to 1 teaspoon each day mixed in the drink. After you know the  side effects of diatomaceous earth, hope you are remember to only buy food grade diatomaceous earth for eating purposes. For those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult with a doctor before using it as the supplement.

As there is no report of the effect of diatomaticeous so far, trying this product to have the good health is worth to consider. As a note, please use only food grade diatomaceous earth because the other types of this product are treated and are thus not safe to use.

According to the trusted sources, there are 14 trace minerals in food grade diatomaceous earth. Amorphous silica is named as the main component in the food grade diatomaceous earth. This one is present in the amount of around 85%. The benefits that can be got from silica are well documented. This one is related to the health. All of them have been backed up by several research as well. some of them are stronger gums and teeth, decreased ligament and joint pain, improvement in arthritis, detoxification, improved colon health, and so on.

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