Diatomaceous Earth Scabies

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Scabies is a type of skin infection that caused by the sarcoptes scabiei mite. If you have problem of scabies on your body, it is very disturb. It makes you very itchy. Even, it is going to serious problem if you do not get rid of them as soon as. So, if you get scabies, remove them quickly. There are a lot of ways to get rid of scabies. One of them is by using Diatomaceous Earth (DE). Do you know what Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is? It is sedimentary rock which natural, soft and can crumble into a fine white to off white powder easily.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is as natural pest control and safe to be used. By the way, can diatomaceous earth kill scabies? Based on the research, there are many people who use Diatomaceous Earth (DE) for scabies. They said that after they use Diatomaceous Earth (DE) for scabies, they get a satisfied result. In fact, Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is able to kill Scabies mites. How Diatomaceous Earth (DE) can kill Scabies mites? Here its explanation, when Scabies mites scratch through the dust, it damages their exoskeleton and then causing them to dehydrate. Finally they have died.

Diatomaceous Earth Scabies
The compositions of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) are a distinctive mixture of 33% silica, 19% calcium, 2% iron, 5% sodium and 3% magnesium. Besides that, it is include 15 other minerals like manganese, titanium, copper, boron and zirconium. You have to know that the Scabies mites are very hate diatomaceous earth (DE). So, it is the great way to use Diatomaceous Earth (DE) for removing them. By the way, how to use diatomaceous earth for scabies? If you want to use Diatomaceous Earth (DE) to get rid of scabies, you are able to follow these steps below.

  1. At the first step, you have to clean your home before you apply diatomaceous earth (DE) for scabies. Usually, Scabies mites hide out in fabric, rugs, and furniture for long periods of time. Vacuuming regularly is important to do.
  2. The second step, you are able to apply diatomaceous earth (DE) by using one of these methods: spray bottle, Wilcox applicator or squeeze duster.
  3. After that you have to apply diatomaceous earth (DE) to area you want to treat.
  4. You are able to reapply diatomaceous earth (DE) and repeat the process until all the scabies mites die.
  5. Besides that, you must also lean the carpets, mattress, car seats, sofa, office chair and other upholstered furniture by using a Steam Cleaner.
  6. Then, you should wash all bed clothes including pillows by using hot water.
  7. For note. You do not use the same bath towel or clothes from the people who get scabies. It is to prevent scabies contagious for you.

This is some steps to get rid of scabies mites by using Diatomaceous Earth (DE). We hope the explanation about scabies diatomaceous earth is able to help you to remove scabies mites. If you want to buy Diatomaceous Earth (DE) for scabies, easily you can buy it in many stores or marketplaces.

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