Diatomaceous Earth Roaches

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Roaches are probably counted as the least favorite animals in this whole world. The bad news is that they are also attracted to food that has not been stored properly. However, you do not have to be panic as there is a thing called diatomaceous earth that can help you to get rid of roaches. Diatomaceous earth or DE is such a natural powder. It is organic and low cost. So, it is safe for you, for your family, for your pets, and your wallet.

Talking about diatomaceous earth as a thing to get rid of roaches, there is another thing that has the same function called boric acid. So, it is diatomaceous earth vs boric acid roaches. Which one is better between those two? According to some sources, boric acid consists of certain level of toxicity to insects. It means that it still works even when it is damp. On the other hand, DE does not have that particle, so DE can only work when it is dry can work in wet or damp areas. Based on this aspect, some people might choose boric acid over DE. However, some others might prefer DE over boric acid as it is natural and harmless for humans, except to be sniffed.

Diatomaceous Earth Roaches

Since roaches love to hanging around your home, please set diatomaceous earth roach trap in all over areas in your home. Please do not leave a single thing. if you have more time, you can investigate the areas loved by roaches.

Then, how to apply diatomaceous earth indoors? The first thing you have to do is to give that indoor place a thorough cleaning such as sweeping, mopping, putting away food, vacuuming the appliances and furniture. Usually, maintaining the sanitation is the best defense to fight against cockroaches. The second step is to dry up the dump areas. It is to prepare for the application of DE. In order to prevent more roaches, please seal up any cracks that could be under places such as sinks, in the bedroom, near baseboards, or around doors. In the third step, you have to apply any possible places you have seen roaches. Apparently, roaches will not step on DE if the dusting is too heavy, so please dusk lightly.

Please apply DE in the please roaches usually can hide, enter your home, and where the food is commonly dropped. It is better for you to not apply DE in the damp or wet place because according to some researches, wet DE will not kill insects. In the fourth stage, you have to apply DE around your house along the foundation. For the step five, you have to treat the crawl space that is not used for storage, if there is any. All you should be done is to take 3 lbs of DE and pile it near the entrance to the crawlspace. Then, please use the leaf blower, put is at the pile of DE and then turn it on. This step should make the big cloud of DE under your house. Please repeat the process if the crawlspace is not covered well. In the last step, you have to leave DE applied as long as the infestation of roaches continues. Please re-apply when DE gets washed away. You are able to clean up the DE once roaches are gone.

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