Diatomaceous Earth Pest Control

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Do you have some problems with fleas? To get it of them, there is a thing called diatomaceous earth that might help you. For those who do not know, diatomaceous earth which is also known as DE in short, is known as the powder made from fossilized prehistoric crustanceans named diatoms. The sharp edges of diatomaceous earth fleas cut into the bodies of insects. It can cause the fleas to die of dehydration.

Which pests except fleas do diatomaceous earth control? The answer is that most indoor invaders do, including roaches, silverfish, spiders are impacted by DE. DE also is beneficial around the homestead as it can be a help to control the fleas on dogs and to reduce the parasites in horses, pigs, and the other animals.

Apparently, diatomaceous earth for pest control is used as an insecticide. DE can get rid of insects such as aphids, thrips, ants, mites, earwigs, bedbugs, adult flea, beetles, cockroaches, snails, and slugs. those animals treat DE as the lethal dust with microscopic sharp edges that cut via the protective covering and dries them out. The insects have no way to build up the resistance to it is one of the benefits of DE for insect control. Fortunately, DE will not harm any of the beneficial microorganisms in the soil such as worms.

Then, how to apply diatomaceous earth? In the garden, DE can be applied as the dust with the dust applicator that approved for that kind of use. please wear the dust mask during the application of the DE in this manner. Do not forget to leave the mask on until you have left the dusting area. As addition, please keep the pets and children away from the dusting area until the dust has settled. You have to cover both of the top and the underside of all foliage with the dust during the dust application because it will need to be reapplied when there is a rain right after the application. In this case, it is better to do the dust application right after the light rain or in the very early morning when the dew is still there as it can help the dust to stick well to the foliage. To avoid the airbone dust particles problem, some experts have recommended to apply the product in the wettable form. Wearing the dust mask is the smart thing to take.

Here is the important information for you. To do the spray application, the mix ratio of diatomaceous earth for garden pest control is usually one cup of DE per half of gallon or two cups per gallon of water. Please keep the mix tank alive or stir this thing as often as possible as the way to keep the DE powder well mixed with the water. This kind of mix might also be applied as the paint to the trees and some shrubs. DE is no doubt a really good product of nature to use in the gardens and around the homes.

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