Diatomaceous Earth Health Benefits

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Diatomaceous earth which is also known as DE is such a good mineral because of its hundreds of varied applications. Aside from can be used around your home, DE has a lot of health promoting benefits. What are food grade diatomaceous earth health benefits? This cheap product is able to serve as an exfoliator for the skin and as a health supplement.

As stated before, diatomaceous earth gives a lot of health promoting benefits. The first one is helping to promote the better digestive health.  The second one is helping to promote more regular bowel movements. The third one is helping to promote the healthier colon. The fourth one is helping to promote the reduced cholesterol. The fifth one is helping to promote the healthier hair and nails. The sixth one is helping to promote the joint and ligament health. The seventh one is helping to promote the collagen production. The eight one is helping to promote the healthy metabolism. The ninth one is helping to promote the increased energy.

Diatomaceous Earth Health Benefits

Diatomaceous earth is like the natural detoxifying agent within the body. It works by killing parasites and viruses. Those annoying things can contribute to illnesses while also helping to clean the blood. DE is also inexpensive. What is great about it that it is simple to use and safer than a lot of detox products or plans. The others benefits of using DE are reducing the odors, helping you to curb gas, cleansing the digestive tract, boosting liver function and getting rid of toxins in the blood.

As it has natural abrasive qualities and kills parasites, diatomaceous earth is used in many toothpastes, skin exfoliators, polishes and skin scrubs. Apparently, DE dries out harmful toxins and leaves behind cleaned, smoothed skin with little to side effects, just like the other beneficial clays. For those who are worrying about age, the good news is It also seems to have anti-aging effects by helping with the use of calcium in forming strong bones, nails and teeth.

It does not matter what benefits of diatomaceous earth you are looking for, the most important thing is make sure it is food grade. You have to know that food grade diatomaceous earth is the only kind of DE safe to be consumed by human.

Diatomaceous earth or DE is such an easy to take. You just have to simply add a teaspoon of it to food or drink like smoothies, juice, milk, coffee, or plain water, and stir well. Be sure to stir your food or drink vigorously before you consume it as DE will not dissolve. Some users in the community stated that if you combine DE with something flavorless that has little texture, there might a chalky flavor and gritty texture. In this case, it is better to try DE in a smoothie, protein shake, or glass of OJ.

When you are consuming diatomaceous earth, you should start to notice changes within the first few weeks, including the improvement of your hair, skin, nails, appetite, and metabolism.

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