Diatomaceous Earth for Horses

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Do you have a horse? If the answer to the question is yes, here are some good information for you and your horses. For the owner of horses, having the healthy horses will be a blessing. There is a thing called diatomaceous earth that can improve the digestive health and give horses brighter, healthier coats. This thing makes it good feed for your horses.

Apparently, diatomaceous earth horses is being used by the number of ranchers, farmers, and horse owners for the variety of purposes, including parasite control and as the rich source of silica. Another reason to add DE to your horse feed is that it can act as natural preservative. Its porous characteristic allows it to absorb moisture that might cause feed to mold or rot. Basically, it is helping the feed last longer than it would otherwise.

Diatomaceous Earth for Horses
Here are the instructions of feeding diatomaceous earth to horses. The first thing you have to do is to prepare some things you need, including food grade DE, a food scale, a scoop, and hose feed. Remember that the type of DE you should use for horses is the food grade one. Please do not use the non-food grade one as it might cause the damage to your horses and also can be dangerous for you as a feeder. For your information, the standard ratio for feeding animals DE is roughly 2% of the weight of the feed. It is about 3 oz of DE for each 10 lbs of feed or 2 lbs of DE for each 100 lbs of feed. After understanding the dosage, use the 2% rule to work out the weight of DE and measure it out on the scale. There is the easier way to add DE. It is adding it to the bad or bushel of feed right after buying it. You just simply add DE to the container of horse feed at the rate of 2%. Then, mix DE well with horse feed and feed your horse just like you always do. There is one important thing you have to take a note. Please make sure that your horse has the access to the plenty of water as DE can be drying to the system of your horse. After all of them done, you can repeat as often as you use horse feed in place of grazing.

Another thing to keep in your mind is to try adding diatomaceous earth to one serving of horse feed in order to make sure that your horse will not turn up its nose. If your horse is kind of finicky animal, you can try the wet application method. It is better to only use the wet application on the single servings of feed as it can avoid the potential moisture build up in stored again.

As addition, there are some horse owners that ask about the organic diatomaceous earth. for you who are as curious as them, you have to know that there is no such a thing called that term because diatomaceous earth itself is organic.

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