Diatomaceous Earth Fleas

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Fleas are the enemies for the pet owners. Obviously, controlling them is such a struggle that consists of chemical sprays, toxic powders, harmful pet shampoos, or quarantines. Fortunately, getting rid of those annoying animals need not aways include such a hard struggle. A lot of pet owners are searching for the better methods such as diatomaceous earth powder to control the fleas. They believe that this one will not harm the environment. Is diatomaceous earth for fleas available? The answer is yes.

Aside for fleas, diatomaceous is also can be used for bed bugs, it is known as diatomaceous earth bed bugs. The good news is that you are able to kill bed bugs with food grade diatomaceous earth. However, it takes time. Diatomaceous earth or DE in short is such a great tool in the bed bug treatment. As the not, you have to aware of what it is for and what its limitations are. Apparently, DE will not get rid of the problem of bed bug but it is such an important part of the integrated process that involves the wider range of the treatment methods, including steam, encasement, and sprays.

Let’s just focus on the fleas. Does diatomaceous earth kill fleas? Actually, diatomaceous earth cuts the exoskeleton and sucks the water out the bodies, instead of poisoning the buggers. In fact, their bodies will die after a short amount of time, that is why they need to survive.

For the details, the diatomaceous earth is made from the algae with siliceous shells. Once they extracted, they are all dead. However, the shells remain the same.

First, diatomaticeous can be used to kill the fleas in the garden. Do not forget to use it when the grass is dry as moisture will reduce its effectiveness. Second, diatomaticeous earth is effective to kill the fleas that are hiding in the carpets. It is either in your home or even outside (the place where your pets usually use to rest). If there is no carpet in your home, this product is also can be used on hardwood floors as it is effective to kill off any flea infestations that might be found. Third, situations where you want to use the natural ways to control the fleas. It is such a danger to use the flea poisons for both of you and your pets. In this case, it is better for you to test the home remedies first before taking the drive to the nearest shop to look for the flea products, especially when all of them work as well as the diatomaceous earth does.

As conclusion, diatomaceous earth not killing fleas, as stated in the paragraph above. This product will just cut the exoskeleton and sucks the water out the bodies. Please look for the alternative if you want the fleas to be killed. Before looking for the alternative, you can consult your problem first to the expert. One thing for sure, do not feel shy and tell the expert about your problem related to the flea.

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