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Beauty is important. It is even more important than healthy, food, clothes, and so on for some people. Everyone wants to have the shining face. They want to do everything to own this kind of thing. As the cosmetic products nowadays are high priced, there is a thing called diatomaceous earth that will save your wallet while make your face shining. Diatomaceous earth which is also known as DE is the fossilized organisms called diatoms.

Those organisms of diatomaceous earth are tiny and aquatic. They all are made of the natural substance named silica. On the other world, DE contains of silica. The percentage is up to 90%. In fact, silica is one of the most important things used to build hair, skin, and nails. Another thing is that this white powder has the negative ionic charge and is considered to be the hard thing. There is the shape like a cylinder thing with holes in it and the fossils have the razor sharp edges. Fortunately, those things do not affect humans but can be deadly for the parasites and the small insects instead.

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Those are the characteristics of diatomaceous earth. All of them are what make DE so effective at the kinds of applications. You can find DE as one of the ingredients of the toothpaste, cat litter, shampoo, and many more.

Diatomaceous earth is natural. This white powder is natural and harmless for both humans and pets. There are several types of DE. The one that used for your face is the food grade one. Once again, remember to use the food grade one as the non-food grade one might cause the damage to your lungs once it is inhaled. Another thing to take a note is to use diatomaceous earth applicator as the safety of both of your hands.

To make your face shining, diatomaceous earth can be used as a face mask. Aside from maintaining the good condition of your face, it is also good to treat the acne. What is the good diatomaceous earth mask for acne? Nature’s Wisdom Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 1 lb. Jar can be the option. It is $15.47. To get one, you can purchase it on Amazon. This brand is one of the best as it is extremely pure. As it is important to own the consistent shape diatom and no unwanted sediment, this product is there for you. The shape of the diatom that consists in the product is tubular with the holes on the walls. It is the fresh water.

If you are still not sure, you can ask the doctor about diatomaceous earth face mask benefits. One thing for use of its benefit is to make your skin glowing. Apparently, the deficiency in silica can lead to collagen breakdown. It ages the appearance. By taking the source of the silica regularly, you can prevent the damage of your skin. It even can help the other skin problems such as eczema, rashes, acne, cuts, and scrapes.

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