Diatomaceous Earth Colon Cleanse

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Are you coming here because you are interested in diatomaceous earth colon cleanse? You come to the right place then, as this page will inform you about the topic. For you who want to do DE colon cleanse, food grade DE is the only one grade of DE to be used in the treatments. Actually, there are a lot of other kinds of DE such as the type that used for filtering swimming pools and getting rid of insects but only the food grade one that can be used as the anthelmintic.

Apparently, food grade DE has been used as cleanse on both humans and animals. This powder is also often used as a food adjunct in livestock and for pets. Food grade diatomaceous earth parasite cleanse eliminates the internal parasites. It is not the chemical one but the physical or mechanical decimation one. The exoskeleton or the skin of the parasites is cut by the microscopic sharp texture of the DE. Meanwhile, the absorbancy of DE has a role to dehydrate the lipids of the parasite.

Diatomaceous Earth Colon Cleanse

Is food grade diatomaceous earth safe for humans and animals? The answer to the question is yes. Food grade DE is non-toxic and harmless even for consumption. Apparently, DE has the negative charge while pathogens have the positive one. Bacteria, pathogens and heavy metals are tied to this powder. All of them are eliminated through the normal way. DE is a good thing as its ability to absorb viruses, e-coli, organophosphate pesticide residues, methyl-mercury, residues and endotoxins. This one also absorbs those materials and then sweeps them via the colon thus detoxing the body when cleansing the colon. There are full spectrum minerals in it, including the ones that are needed for healthy nutrition.

Then, what is the dosage of diatomaceous earth for detox? It is 1 to 2 tablespoons and 8 oz of filtered water or favorite drink. Yes, you can add the food grade DE to your favorite drink such as yoghurt, milk, coffee, juice, smoothies, and so on. After adding it, please stir your drink to keep it in suspension. You can take DE the first thing upon walking or an hour before or after the meal in order to prevent DE from absorbing nutrients from the meal. This dosage is twice the normal one. Once it passed 2 or 3 months, the daily supplemental dosage can be used. Basically, the dosage is cut down to half. You have to take a note that it is only for drink. Do not inhale the powder as it can damage your lungs.

Aside from cleansing, there are a lot of other benefits of food grade diatomaceous grade. As you probably know, it consists of silica which is needed for mineral absorbtion in the digestive process. Silica is good to lower the bad cholesterol and raises good, to stimulate metabolism for the higher energy levels, to repair and maintain the vital lung tissues and takes care of them from pollution.

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