Diatomaceous Earth Carpet Beetles

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Carpet beetles are one of the pests. Usually, we are able to found them in our house. These pests are going to damage the fabric based materials. Actually carpet beetles live outdoors, but they are able to come inside the houses freely because of the improper screened windows and the sealed doors. If you see the carpet beetles in your house, sometimes it is very troublesome. The carpet beetles are very tiny, small and difficult to be removed. There are some types of carpet beetles. Those types are classified into two different groups: Furniture and Common Carpet Beetles and Varied and Black Carpet Beetles. The beetles have a complete metamorphosis; they grow through egg, larva, pupa up to adult beetles. By the way, how to remove the carpet beetles? Actually, there are a lot of ways to remove the carpet beetles. One of ways is by using Diatomaceous Earth (DE). What is Diatomaceous Earth? It is sedimentary rock which natural, soft and can crumble into a fine white to off white powder easily. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is as natural pest control and safe to be used. Well, in this article are going to discuss about diatomaceous earth fleas carpet.

Recently, we get information that there are some people who talk about diatomaceous earth and carpet beetles. They said that they have problem about the carpet beetles. Then they are looking for the way to get rid of the carpet beetles. The results, they found that Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is able to remove the carpet beetles. It is also one of effective way to remove the carpet beetles in your home. Where do you get Diatomaceous Earth (DE) for carpet beetles? You do not be worry because there are many stores and marketplaces which provide it. How about the price of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) for carpet beetles? Its price is about $15.59.

By the way, does diatomaceous earth kill carpet beetles? Based on the experience of people who use Diatomaceous Earth (DE) for the carpet beetles, it is able to kill carpet beetles. Even, Diatomaceous earth is a product which is able to kill various kinds of pests effectively. How does diatomaceous earth (DE) kill carpet beetles? Maybe you think that any pest control products always work by poisoning the pests, but in fact diatomaceous earth (DE) does not poisoning the pests. So, it will not give poison to the carpet beetles. The product of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is able to get rid of the beetles by drying them out. The oil and fat loss is able to lead them to death due to the dehydration. To use it, you just need spread Diatomaceous Earth (DE) in area where the carpet beetles hide. After you spread Diatomaceous Earth (DE), let it for some day and then you are able to look that the carpet beetles have died later. Based on the explanation above, so we can conclude that Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is able to kill the carpet beetles.

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