Diatomaceous Earth Applicator

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Diatomaceous earth or DE has become a helpful thing for everyone, including for the farmers. This white powder can help the farmers to get rid of insects. If you are going to use diatomaceous earth to treat your garden for pests, a diatomaceous applicator can make your job faster. This thing also can help you to distribute DE over the large areas.

According to the experts, distributing diatomaceous earth by using your hand is extremely wasteful. It will not create a fine layer of powder, which is quite dangerous when using it as a pesticide. So, go look for diatomaceous earth applicator Home Depot and purchase one now.

Diatomaceous Earth Applicator
Diatomaceous earth applicator which is also known as diatomaceous earth duster has a lot of designs, from mechanical action to pump sprayers. The first one is for the large area dispersal called the Gilmour duster. This one is good to use over the garden in order to prevent ticks, snails, or slugs. Aside for the garden DE dispersal, it also can be used inside the attics and crawlspaces and for the pest control DE application. The second one is for indoor dispersal, indoor pest control, and confined spaces known as Dustin Mizer duster. This one is a handheld mechanical action one that makes the process of spreading DE at home simple and economic. The third one is the JT Eaton Duster. It is effective for spot application as it is designed for applying DE in hard to reach places. it can reach small cracks, crevices, and the other areas in which smaller insect pests might hide.

Home Depot is not the only place to buy diatomaceous earth applicators or dusters. Another recommended one is Amazon. You can get diatomaceous earth applicator Amazon by purchasing one on its official website. There are variety of brands, designs, and prices of DE applicators you can choose. Here are some of them. The first one is Pest Pistol ® Mini Duster. It is $10.95. This one is easy to use as the pistol shoots the powder right where you need it. It can dust the invisible cracks and crevices. It is not just to control pest but it also allows you to eradicate. The second one is Pest Pistol Applicator: Diatomaceous Earth Duster Bed Bugs Lice Fleas Roaches. This one costs $13.75. The third one is Harris Diatomaceous Earth Powder Duster. The price of it is $8.99. This one is used in multiple settings. It is perfect for your home or outdoors. There is a light dusting of it that can spread DE efficiently. The other components of this duster are the flexible body with bellows, the applicator extension, the fine tap nozzle, and the cap (base). The extension nozzle of 6 inches, it can help you to reach the tough areas with the light coating of powder. This duster can be an option for application of DE, boric, and so on. To use it, you have to fill the powder first, then screw the cap on tight and turn this tool upside down. Then, puff into the important places including cabinets, window sills, garbage cans, and more. Please keep the powder as dry as possible because when it is wet, it will clump and not puff. As addition, please do not fill the duster too much to prevent clogging.

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