Best Way How to Spread Diatomaceous Earth for Bed Bugs

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Bed Bug is a tiny insect which feed on human blood. Usually, the bed bugs hide in the dark places close to where the humans sleep. The bed bugs crawl out to feed when the people are fast asleep. To survive, the bed bugs just need human blood. Actually, it is very easy to bring the bed bugs to home. You have to know that the bed bugs are able to crawl into clothing, luggage and even the bed bugs are able to crawl into furniture. Once the bed bugs are inside your home, they are going to find a hiding place. There are some places which become favorite places by the bed bugs. In fact, the places become favorite hiding places are in the box spring, headboard, couch, crevices, mattress and tiny cracks.

If you find the bed bugs in your home, of course you are going to anxiety and upset. The bed bugs is a problem which should solve as fast as because the bed bugs not only can bites and potentially dangerous for your health, but also they are very difficult to removed. By the way, how to remove the bed bugs? Actually, there are a lot of ways to remove the bed bugs. One of ways is by using Diatomaceous Earth (DE). What is Diatomaceous Earth? made of the fossilized shells of diatoms. It is like an ancient kind of algae. These microscopic shells, mostly consist of the mineral silica which accumulated in freshwater lake and then formed the huge silica deposits. When mined and ground into powder, we can call it as diatomaceous earth. Actually, diatomaceous earth is also known as diatomite, kieselgur or kieselguhr.

Best Way How to Spread Diatomaceous Earth for Bed Bugs

Spreading Diatomaceous Earth In Yard is one of ways to remove the bed bugs. You have to spread this diatomaceous earth (DE) around your home.  Spread on the places where the bed bugs hide and nest. Based on the research, this diatomaceous earth (DE) is able to kill bed bugs within ten days. You can also follow these steps below to remove the bed bugs.

  1. You have to find areas around your home where the bed bugs hide or nest.
  2. Then you are able to use an applicator to apply and spread diatomaceous earth along the cracks, crevices, drawers, behind appliances or the places where you find the bed bugs.
  3. After that, you can also remove all electrical faceplates and use an applicator to puff diatomaceous earth (DE) behind the electrical switches and outlets.
  4. The last, do not forget to cover all furniture and mattresses with a thin layer of diatomaceous earth (DE).

Where do you get Diatomaceous earth (DE) for bed bugs? Easily, you are able to find it in many stores or marketplaces. There are many Diatomaceous earth (DE) for bed bugs. One of them is Perma Guard diatomaceous earth. It is one of the best Diatomaceous earth (DE) for bed bugs and other crawl insects. You can try to buy Perma-Guard Crawling Insect Control 50lb Bag with the price $41.00.

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